Digital Media Producer & Marketing Expert

My name is David Hamilton and I live and breathe the internet. I produce writing and video content on the major technologies transforming our era including cloud computing, AI and Internet of Things, as well as implications of such technologies on privacy, public policy and the economy.

My academic background is in Journalism, Media and Economics, giving me a rich source of theory to draw upon to understand how new trends and developments will play out.

I've also used my research and experience in some entrepreneurial endeavors including opening a coworking space, and building an app designed to help freelancers and teams manage stay productive and limit burnout.

I'm someone who makes things happen. 

Writing & Video Production

I have nearly 10 years of experience as a digital media producer and consultant. I work with clients to understand their unique value proposition, and find creative and effective ways of expressing it through websites, apps, video and more. I specifically work with technology, online services, and other complex industries where nuance and accuracy is important.

I have produced content for HP, Intel, Lenovo, and Bell Canada ranging from marketing copy and blog posts to thought-leading whitepapers.

My journalism can be found all over the internet including blogs such as BetaKit, The WHIR, TechVibes, and Biometric Update, as well as newspaper The National Post.

Entrepreneurial Experience

In January 2016, I founded Lab T.O., an independent coworking space in Toronto for freelancers, digital creatives and entrepreneurs to work, learn, and collaborate with each other. Our values are centered around Community, Openness, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Sustainability. The space represents a fundamentally new way of thinking about how we work and share with one another.

Trust a professional to work with you to get your company working in the 2.0 world. 

Get in Contact

I'm currently looking for new opportunities to work with businesses and organizations to help them develop intriguing content.

Contact me at for information on how I can help socialize your brand, draw attention to your company, and create content that aligns with your goals.