Closet culture goes virtual with Pinterest

Pinterest takes our desire to collect things, make lists, and share what we love, and lets us express that in a sleek and intensely visual experience.
Launched in March 2010 and still in beta, Pinterest is an online community where members can post things to a virtual wall that they find interesting, and connect with people who share tastes and interests.

Putting up photos and posters of your interests has been going on in teenagers’ bedrooms and locker doors for decades. Pinterest extends this concept into the digital age.

The visual appeal is key to understanding Pinterest. Twitter is extremely text heavy, and, while Facebook certainly has visual appeal, it’s not as clean and sleek. Tumblr can be configured as a photo sharing site, and, indeed, some of the most successful Tumblrs do this.

I’m not entirely sold on the concept of Pinterest, but I do think its nascent success speaks volumes about the power of images.

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