New website uses open data to help Torontonians at the bin

Designed to make it easy for anyone to find out how best to get rid of unwanted items, Waste Nothing is a website that uses open-souce city data and user contributed information to reduce waste.

The website allows visitors to search for an item and see tips and advice for disposing of it, ranging from selling and donating to upcycling, recycling, composting, and — if all else fail — trash.

Michael Fagan, who is behind the site, recently debuted the site to Toronto’s open data community.

“I discovered that the Toronto open data includes the city’s ‘solid waste management programs‘, which I was able to import,” he wrote in an email. “Their data model and such isn’t exactly the same is mine, so I am continuing to work on cleaning and massaging the data, but at any rate, it seems to work quite well already.”

Waste Nothing also allows individuals to add their own tips, and add items that may be missing from the site.

While Waste Nothing is intially focussed on Toronto, Fagan is welcoming other cities and organizations to join the cause, and make garbage smarter.

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