I’ve written for a variety of publications and websites. Here are a few examples:

Canadian Copyright Modernization Bill Draws Criticism Over Digital Lock Provision

Bill C-32, or “An Act to amend the Copyright Act”, was introduced in the House of Commons by industry minister Tony Clement as a means to amend Canada’s Copyright Act including provisions to deal with the changing, and more online, nature of content.



Techish Podcast #1: Watching YouTube

This is the first episode of Techish, my podcast about technology and the issues that come with it. In it, I talk about how the YouTube form could be changing what it means to be a filmmaker and a viewer. I also chat with Sean Tse, who was involved in the YouTube film Verax, a YouTube thriller based around whistleblower Edward Snowden.


What Web Hosts Can Do About Revenge Porn

While it can be nearly impossible to remove video and images permanently from the internet, web hosts may at least have some power to curb one of the internet’s most disturbing practices: revenge porn.