Yarn Bomber Magda Sayeg Recontextualizes Knitting

Coming from a family of great women crafters and often hearing craft disparaged in comparison to “real art”, I really like the sentiment behind “yarn bomber” Magda Sayeg’s rationale for her extreme knitting.

This craft, which is strongly associated with women has, in the past, been delegated to a domestic existence where it has been undervalued and under-appreciated. I love that, in some way, I have contributed to showing the strength of this craft—knitting and crocheting doesn’t have to be functional, it can be subversive, renegade—even illegal in certain cases. It’s bad ass! And it makes me proud, as a woman, to be a part of something that is so powerful.

While knitting is often considered less of an art because it tends to quite literally follow a set pattern. And yet here’s someone who’s standing up for knitting as a legitimate form of creativity and expression by adding new meaning and context.

Check out Magda Sayeg’s her interview with Design Milk for more on her work.

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