Building the Smart City: How we build intelligence into what we have now

The Smart City is more than just technology, it’s about connecting devices in ways that enable more smart and timely action.

Frank & Oak CEO Shares Tips on Personalizing Online Interactions

Frank & Oak is a Canadian ecommerce success story. In this post, we find out how to keep things friendly and personal in an online world.

The World’s Largest Botnets are Now Run by Microsoft

It might be surprising to hear that Microsoft owns the 10 largest botnets in the world, but just as it takes a thief to catch a thief, it may require running a botnet to save us from botnets.

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Affect Cloud Service Providers

The TPP promises to remove barriers to cloud services and data transfers, but what are the costs?

The ‘Uber of prescriptions’ comes to the Toronto region

Getting a prescription medicines could be more convenient for Toronto area residents now that PopRx, a Canadian startup that calls itself the Uber of prescriptions is now operating in the GTA.

Toronto agency connects brands with online personalities

Toronto-based communications agency Shine has launched a new initiative to connect brands with a new breed of online celebrity who speaks to an audience that is less easily swayed by traditional advertising.

Secure Social Network myApollo Aims to Connect the World from Peer to Peer to Peer

myApollo is a social network with a twist. It’s based on a peer-to-peer model where the individual users host pieces of encrypted content (text, images, etc.) and only those who are approved can access them in their newsfeed.

Internet Policy

i2Coalition Member Spotlight: Cloudflare

From a technological perspective, delivering cybersecurity and web acceleration services to 16 million Internet properties and protecting them against online threats is beyond impressive, but there are also significant policy challenges given Cloudflare’s truly global span.


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